2017 COLDPLAY 酷玩樂團世界巡迴演唱會台灣場,在2017年4月12日亞洲巡演首次登台開唱!名列歌迷最想看的西洋演唱會前十名,COLDPLAY 酷玩樂團終於來到台灣,並且是兩岸三地唯一舉辦的地區,台灣歌迷期盼許久,首度來台,不必花錢出國,全球賣出超過兩百萬張門票、最夯的演唱會就在台灣!親身體驗COLDPLAY的LIVE魅力!





據了解 COLDPLAY 酷玩樂團將在2017年3月下旬舉辦亞洲巡迴演唱會,首站就選定新加坡,預計4月初將造訪臺灣,最重要地點還可能選在桃園高鐵站戶外廣場演出。COLDPLAY 酷玩樂團在2000年推出首張專輯《降落傘》時大獲好評,更以《Yellow》這首歌將樂團推向高峰,後來帶來多首經典膾炙人口單曲。





☑ 演唱會日期:2017/4/12日(三) 
☑ 演唱會地點:桃園高鐵站戶外廣場
☑ 演唱會時間:19:00開場嘉賓、20:00開演



☑ 售票系統: 
☑ 票價說明:NT 7800 / 6800 / 5800 / 4800 / 3800 / 2800 / 1800 (全搖滾站席,請依照票卡序號整隊入場)
☑ 搶票網址: 
☑ 主辦單位:Live Nation Taiwan 理想國演藝
☑ 售票時間:
花旗信用卡卡友預購時間:2016/11/20 (10:00) - 2016/11/22 (17:00)
Live Nation 會員預購時間:2016/11/23 (10:00-17:00)
全面開賣:2016/11/24 19:00

▶▶▶ 拓元購買注意事項:分享│拓元 tixCraft 搶票心得和常見問題 


Event Info
Ranked top 10 of favorite concert by the fans, Coldplay has finally come to Taiwan. We, Taiwanese fans have waited so long for their first ever visit to our country and we will be able to see their show right here without going abroad
The show has sold over 2 million tickets around the world!
COME and EXPERIENCE Coldplay live in Taiwan!

•Date: 12th Apr, 2017 (WED) 
•Time: 19:00 Support act, 20:00 Show Time (We will announce the actual time on show day)
•Place: HSR Taoyuan Station Plaza
•Ticket Prices: NT$ 7800/6800/5800/4800/3800/2800/1800 (GA)
•Goes on Sale:
 ◆Citibank Taiwan Credit Card Customer Presale:2016/11/20 (10:00) - 2016/11/22 (17:00)
 ◆Live Nation Member Presale:2016/11/23 (10:00 – 17:00)
 ◆Public On Sale:2016/11/24 19:00
•This concert will use RFID card to enter the venue. If you order the ticket between Nov. 20 - Nov. 26, you can fill in your name on the ticket for memory (only in Traditional Chinese and English). The information may not be changed after submitting, Chinese name should be shorter than 7 characters, and English name also should be shorter than 25 lower cases letters. The length of names in mixed characters will automatically be determined by system.




1. 購票前請用 Facebook 或 Google 帳號登入。
2. 單筆訂單限購4張。(支援行動裝置購票)。
3. 付款方式僅限「線上刷卡」或「ATM虛擬帳號轉帳/繳費」。
4. (花旗(台灣)信用卡卡友預購,僅限刷花旗(台灣)信用卡付款)。
4. ibon取票時,每筆將酌收 NT.30 手續費,於7-11超商門市以現金方式支付。
5. 個人因素退票者須酌收票面金額10%手續費。(演出前十日內恕不接受退票)。

Admission Rules

Up to 4 tickets per order and per member.
Tickets will be available on Nov. 24, 2016 19:00.
Due to the copyright reasons, CAMERA, VIDEO or AUDIO recording are strictly NOT allowed in the concert. Any audiences who is found taking photos or bringing any prohibited materials into the venue will be taken into the process as follows
Removing that recording equipment from the venue immediately by staff.
Deleting any photos, videos and audio files taken during the concert.
Selfie sticks, LED banners, folding stools, balloons, glowing swords, large-sized cheer supplies and chairs or any kind of height-adding device are NOT allowed.
All foods & beverages are NOT allowed. (Bottled water is allowed)
Your credit card will be charged after the order is confirmed and is non-cancellable.
In case of force majeure factors, the promoter reserves the right to change or alter the activity regulations. Changes will be posted on the official facebook page. (


















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